Company Profile

Shanxi Jintai Konjak Industry Development Co., Ltd (the previous name is County Mian Jintai Industry Co., Ltd) was founded on Nov. 2004, the company register capital is 23 million, the total assert is close to 200 million Yuan. The total employee number is over 500, and there are over 100 technological managers and over 50 personnel with intermediate and senior level titles. The company specializes in the development, production, processing and sales of konjak. The leading products are konjak fine powder, konjak purified powder, konjak gel, konjak pre-mixed powder, konjak gel food, konjak health-care food, konjak noodle and healthy courses made of konjak. The company has the largest konjak plantation base in China and complete deep processing line for konjak products. The annual processing capacity of fresh konjak is 30 thousand tons. The products have been authenticated by ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005, FDA, and HALAL. Now the company has developed 3 brands and over 30 varieties of products. It is the leading company for agriculture industrialization in Shanxi province, leading company in the national food industry and fresh konjak processing company with the most complete industrial chain. “Jintai of China, kongjak of the world” is the core ideology of Shanxi Jintai Konjak Industry Development Co., Ltd. endeavor to become the “advocator and leader of China konjak healthy food” and forge a “renowned international brand of konjak healthy food” is our unswerving vision.